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Cebu Day Trips

Our Cebu day trips are designed for the adventure seeker that is already in Cebu for other reasons and wants to hit the trails for some Cebu Day Tripsquick fun.

Technical single track, river crossings, mountain passes with spectacular views... a little bit of everything is available. Our day trips will normally leave from our location in Liloan at 8:00am and from there we we attack some of the best trails Cebu has to offer. The actual routes will vary depending on guide preferences and weather. Some trails are not easily passable if it is raining or has rained recently.

After a full morning of trails we will stop for lunch, typically this will be a filipino "Carenderia" in a small town or village where we will have a selection of native filipino dishses and rice. After eating and a check-over of the bikes we will head back out for more trails. We will typically plan to ride until 5:00pm or so when we will return to our starting point in Liloan. On some occasions trail conditions or rider mishaps may put us behind schedule and we may end up returning after dark.

Our day trips offer a wide range of technical difficulty. When you book please advise us of your riding ability and the type of trail experience you are looking for on your day trip. This will help us ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment from your ride and none of our guests are left feeling the trails they experienced were too easy or too difficult.

Cebu Day Trip Pricing

Our standard price for all-inclusive day trip will include bike, gas and lunch.

  • 10,500 pesos per rider using our bike
  • 8,500 pesos per rider using your bike

You can supply your own bike but please note that it must be capable of handing technical trails. We reserve the right to disallow your bike if it is determined it is not up to the task. This is for your own safety as well as ensuring you will actually enjoy the trip. Fighting with the wrong bike on the trails is not a lot of fun and it can compromise the enjoyment of other guests and our guides if we have to carry your incompatible bike over every obstacle. If in doubt please contact us and inquire if the bike you are planning to use is acceptable.

It is best if you have your own riding gear but if not we can provide helmet, goggles and gloves for an additional 1000 pesos. Gear availability is limited and on a first come, first served basis.

All of our prices are in Philippine Pesos. To convert to your local currency please see:

To book now or request more information, please use our CONTACT page.

Looking forward to riding with you!