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Custom Tours

Don't see what you like in one of our other tours? Do you prefer to see nature at your own pace? Respond to the call of the great outdoors with a Custom Tourscustom tour designed just for you. Whether it's bush bashing through the jungle to remote villages or a scenic mountain ride from one beach to another, or testing yourself against the harshest environments nature has to offer, we can design a tour to suit your abilities and interests.

Our custom tours can accomodate any group size from a single rider on up, and any length of time from a day trip to a multi-day or multi-week excursion. You can choose the locations you want to visit, the sights and landmarks you want to see, the difficulty of the trails, and how far you'd like to ride each day. We will put it all together for you and provide you with experienced guides to make your tour smooth and enjoyable.


Custom Tour Pricing

The table below will show you some basic numbers you can use for planning your custom tour. All of our tours are designed to be all-inclusive. This means you pay us one fee and everything on your tour is taken care of from the bike and gas to lodging and meals. Discount is available if you use your own bike. Certain extras are not included, see our FAQ for details.

Custom Tour Basic Pricing
Trip Length 1-3 riders 4-8 riders More than 8 riders
Day Rides P8500/day P8000 per day Contact for details
2-3 days P9500 P9000 Contact for details
4-6 days P9000 P8500 Contact for details
7+ days P8500 P8000 Contact for details

Prices given are per rider, per day and are shown in Philippine Pesos. To convert to your local currecny please see:

These prices are for planning purposes only and will vary depending on the details of your custom trip.

These are general guidelines for planning purposes and may vary somewhat for a number of reasons including but not limited to seasonal price increases, currency flucuations, non-standard lodging requests or if your trip includes a large number of ferry crossings.

Our custom tours are priced on a case-by-case basis, so for accurate pricing and scheduling, please CONTACT US. Also, please allow sufficient notice for organizing your trip. Trips of 1-3 days can generally be made on short notice, but longer trips will require additional time to properly prepare. Again, please contact us for details on the projected lead times for your trip.