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Cebu Weekender

Come with us and spend 2-3 days (1 or 2 overnights) exploring the island of Cebu. We will ride jungle trails, crest mountains with spectacularCebu Weekender views, cross streams, visit remote villages and see the sights like no tourists can.

This trip offers a bit of flexibility in the destinations and trail difficulty. Also, if you enjoy diving you are in the right place as the Philippines offers some of the best dive sites in the world. We can, at the group's option, visit areas that offer diving trips on this tour. Be sure to mention this when inquiring or booking.

The cost for the 3 day version of this tour will be 31,500 Pesos per rider which will cover everything from the time we leave to the time we return with some minor exceptions such as alcohol. See our FAQ for more details.

We require a 5000 Peso per rider deposit to secure your dates. We must have your deposit before we can confirm your trip and make the necessary arrangements.

All our prices are in Philippine Pesos. To convert to your local currency please see:

If you have any questions or are ready to book please visit our CONTACT page and tick the Cebu Weekender box on the form. Be sure to include some details about your riding experience.